Friday, August 6, 2010

Gourmet Farmer and personal musings

I was put onto "Gourmet Farmer" by Shaza ages ago. Didn't manage to catch it on sbs when it was on because of this that and the other, but when i could i would watch it online. Borrowed the dvd from the library not long ago, watched it back to back a few times, now have bought the dvd and am e-watching each episode as many times as possible! Absolutely love it! Matt Evans has been inspirational in our family's journey to self sufficiency. If you haven't watched it, do your self a favour and get it.

Although the dream is to buy some land and set up a farm, that's a fair way away. For now, it is turning our 1/3 acre block into the most productive block possible. we are unning out of tree planting space, so now will espalier any new fruit trees we get along fence lines.

The AP system continues to supply us with salad greens, brocoli, carrots and herbs, and as the days continue to lengthen, the gowth becomes more visible. the strawberry crowns are filling out with leaves, i even have one that is flowering!

our silkie chickens have hatched and another batch on its way. these i plan to sell (more like give) to friends and if there are any roosters in the next batch, they will become roasts. Silkie meat is meant to be sweeter than usual chicken and they have black skin, so it will be interesting when the time comes.

Work on the wood oven has stopped but will start up again in the next couple of weeks as i source more mateials. wicking beds likewise.

all in all, life is good, family is healthy and work is crazy but worth the stress and heartache for the difference it seems to make. sometimes when I think I've had a bad day, week, month, even a year, I kick myself as it is nothing compared to what other people go through.

time to give the wife and kids a hug and kiss and go to sleep.

Enjoy the moment!

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